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저번에 미안..
내가 한껨 하느라 정신 없었거덩.. ^^*
검 어제 온거야?! 히..
잼있었나 몰게따.
yo~ 거지꼴로 돌아다니구 그런거 아냠..ㅡㅡ
어쨌던, 이제 학교에서 보겠네~
웅~ 그래그래~ 검 잘 지내구..

psychede (2002-03-02 00:00:00)
거지꼴이라니...눈치도 빠르셔 원.
Eel (2011-08-15 16:38:20)
What a joy to find someone else who tihkns this way.
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Caroline (2012-03-15 08:49:16)
It's a pleasure to find smoeone who can think so clearly
salitd (2012-03-16 02:05:55)
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Venkat (2012-06-01 01:41:11)
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